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Difference Between Validation and Calibration

When it comes to measuring and testing, two terms that often come up are validation and calibration. While they may sound similar, they have distinct meanings and applications. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the differences between validation and calibration and when you might use each. What is Calibration? Calibration is the process of […]

Mechanical Shaker Calibration in Bangladesh

Mechanical Shaker Calibration and Shaker Repair Service in Bangladesh. Please call for the Mechanical shaker Calibration and Repair Service in Bangladesh: 01975-804911 or email:

Why calibration of instruments is significant

The fundamental purposes behind calibration are to guarantee the unwavering quality of the instrument, that it very well may be relied upon. To decide the precision of the instrument and to guarantee the readings are reliable with different estimations. Considering the expenses emerging from the legitimate activity for harms that may be documented against you, […]

Lab Instruments Calibration Service in Bangladesh

Garments Industrial Textile Lab Instruments Calibration Service Providers in Bangladesh If you’re in need of industrial Lab Instruments calibration service, you can count on Garments to provide you with the services you need. We offer a variety of calibration services to ensure that your equipment is always operating at its best. We’ll work with you […]

Heat Press Machine Calibration Service in Bangladesh

heat press machine calibration service available in Bangladesh Dhaka How to calibrate your new Heat Press Instructions from manufacturers of heat transfer vinyl and transfer papers will instruct you to use Low, Medium, or High Pressure during the operation process. Then’s how to calibrate your machine and identify those settings. ( Do this while the […]

Mechanical sieve shakers Calibration and Repair Service

Mechanical sieve shakers Calibration and Repair Service in Bangladesh Orbital Mechanical Shaker FunctionA shaker is a piece of laboratory outfit used to mix, blend, or agitate substances in tubes or steins by shaking them, which is substantially used in the fields of chemistry and biology.Shaking incubators are designed to contemporaneously incubate and shake or agitate […]

pH Meter Calibration & Repair Service in Bangladesh

Cintex lab Provides pH Meter Calibration & Repair Service in Bangladesh Scientists, researchers, preservationists, and lab specialists the same all utilization pH to quantify the acidic and fundamental possibilities of an answer. A pH meter is exceptionally helpful and the most reliable instrument accessible to test pH levels. There are numerous straightforward strides, from setting […]

Lightbox Calibration & Repair Service in Bangladesh

Cintex Lab provides Onsite-offsite Lightbox Calibration Color Cabinet and repair services in Bangladesh Light Source Standard CIE Illuminant Simulated Notes Daylight (filtered tungsten) D65 Most accurate daylight Daylight (fluorescent) D65 U35 fluorescent Not a CIE standard Energy-efficient fluorescent U30 fluorescent Not a CIE standard Energy-efficient fluorescent, limited availability TL84 fluorescent Not a CIE standard Energy-efficient […]

Needle Detector Calibration Repair Services in Bangladesh

Cintex Lab Provides Standard Needle Detector Machine Calibration Service in Bangladesh. Calibrated For Manufacturer Calibration Interval Yearly Instrument Type Laboratory Instruments Brand/Model Any Industry Type Manufacturing We are instrumental in delivering Needle Detector Calibration and Repair services. We have had practical experience during the time spent really looking at the machine awareness for the turning, […]

GSM Cutter Machine Calibration in Bangladesh

Cintex Hydraulic GSM cutter Machine Calibration and Repair Service in Bangladesh Item SpecificationTest Location: In House / On-site CalibrationItem Type: Garments and SpinningTesting Type: TensileApplication: ManufacturerNeed Annual Testing Service: YesTest Report Required: YesDescriptionWe are one of the most incredible Calibration Service Providers for GSM Cutter. We are specialists in the calibration of GSM Cutter. We […]

Fusing Bond Test Calibration in Bangladesh

Fusing Bond Test Calibration & Repair Service in Dhaka Bangladesh. Fusing Process and Quality Inspection of Fusing Machine Calibration in Apparel Industry in Bangladesh Fusing Calibration ProcedureFusing is a cycle that connects interlining with pieces of clothing by hotness and temperature, fix interlining and textures by holding in pieces of clothing fabricating. The holding strength […]

How Electronic precision Balance Work Causes and Corrective for Error

How Electronic Precision Balance Work Causes and Corrective for Error How Electronic Balances Work?The speediest method for understanding the rule of how electronic equilibriums work is to initially see how they are developed. There are two fundamental sorts of electronic equilibrium plans. Electromagnetic adjusting type Electrical obstruction wire type (load cell type)These depend on totally […]

Moisture Meter Calibration Repair Service in Bangladesh

Guarantee reliable moisture meter results by aligning your moisture analyzer. Test your instrument’s gauging and warming limit, and by and large execution. Documented performance. Moisture Meter Type: Digital | Analog One of the biggest concerns when taking moisture readings is making sure the meter is in calibration so that you get accurate readings. When a meter is […]

Weighing GSM Balance Calibration Service in Bangladesh

Our association is delivering Weighing Balance Instrument Calibration Service. This assistance is finished at low costs. This assistance is dealt with by experts who have princely industry practice and abilities. Also, this assistance is generally appreciated on the lookout for its opportune culmination. We have denoted an exceptional specialty in the worldwide market by offering […]

Snap Button Pull Test Machine Calibration in Bangladesh

Button Pull Test Machine Calibration service is utilized to decide the pulling strength of a button and snaps utilized in pieces of clothing. It is additionally used to decide the holding or breaking strength of prong ring connected snap clasp onto articles of clothing to guarantee the button fixed on the pieces of clothing item […]

How to reduce uncertainty in measurement calibration

Step by step instructions to diminish vulnerability in Calibration estimationMeasurement Good Practice GuideContinuously recollect that it is as a rule imperative to limit vulnerabilities all things considered to evaluate them. There are some great practices that can assist with decreasing vulnerabilities in making estimations for the most part. A couple of suggestions are: Adjust estimating […]